Fashion industry is progressing briskly on the large scale in these days. Therefore Pakistan established an outstanding fashion show in U-K. Many fashion designers showed their fabulous collection in this function but akif mahmood Collection impressed the viewers very much. He has a great deal about the girl’s dresses therefore everyone admired his dresses. Akif mahmood has gained very popularity and fame due to their style dresses and extra ordinary abilities. His collection is consisting in ladies frocks, churidar pajama and long shirts. His dresses give a Barbie doll look to the model. His collection is the mixture of eastern and western combination and according to the trend. Bright, dark and eye catching colors like red, blue, yellow, orange are used in Akif collection. Marvelous and smart blue jacket on the yellow frock give a fairy look to the model. Gorgeous and according to the desires work of beads, Cora etc was done on the front of the shirt, border, neck line but sleeves are simple and tights. Majority dresses consist on frilled frocks and sleeveless. He is really doing a fantastic work for there customers.

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