Living in the Muslim country Pakistan, the ladies have to maintain the fashion mainstream according to traditions and the setup of their fashion. As we all know the Muharram month has been started so the girls are also passionate to give up all other dressing codes and just have the respected feelings for this sacred month.

However, religion Islam doesn’t let anyone to stop their activities of life but all Muslims want to pay homage to the personalities of Islam who sacrificed their lives in this Islamic month.
Well, according to the current needs of ladies, Pakistani designers design the collections for ease of girls. We are set here to present the Kurti collection that has been launched by Alizeh with collaboration of ZS textiles.
As far as the latest fashion is concerned, the kurtis are on the top of the list. In accordance of this holy month Muharram, designer has infused black color so that all Pakistani girls can look for event inspiration.

Simply the white embroidery on Kurti is looking flawless and not the designer has embellished it fully. But a sober way to stay gentle and sophisticate keeping in mind the needs of this month. Quarter sleeves with lace details are also casually designed to keep your fashion style statements wondrous.
Model has just styled it with jeans that teen and young girls can also go for but you have another trendy option of tulip salwar and boot cut trousers. You may match these pairs in white and black colors. Alizeh Kurti special Muharram collection is in stores now and the prices are not too high but most affordable that can revamp any girl’s wardrobe beautifully. Wanna see all the designs in collection? So lets visit the dress collection given below.

•    Beaded sleeves and embroidered black Kurti for this Muharram


•    Make your style more sober wearing this Alizeh Kurti for mid summer days

2-alizeh-muharram-kurti-embroidery-design•    Accessorize these kurtis with less accessories like watch and studs earring


•    Button embellished neckline and lace work on simple black Kurti


•    Floral white embroidery on black Kurti best for young girls