Block seven has recently started its profession as a designer and earned a great reputation and veneration among fashionable personalities and trendy persons. Its most adorable collection by modish girls is western wear collection that has acknowledged by western countries. Stuff is of jersey and holds leopard chic. These are stitched in western style such as pants sleeveless short shirts and some caries widened sleeves. Blue dress has hottest style and can be wearing on functions and trip to foreign countries. These can be gifted to friends. In short block seven dresses have multi façade and exceptional outfits.

Block-Seven-Latest-Ladies-Western-Wear-Collection-1 Block-Seven-Latest-Ladies-Western-Wear-Collection-2 Block-Seven-Latest-Ladies-Western-Wear-Collection-3 Block-Seven-Latest-Ladies-Western-Wear-Collection-4 Block-Seven-Latest-Ladies-Western-Wear-Collection-5 Block-Seven-Latest-Ladies-Western-Wear-Collection-6