Braahtii is a famous and popular clothing brand in Pakistan fashion industry. This brand has owned by talented Huma Nasr. Braahtii brand is very trendy and modern. The dresses of Braahtii brand are according to the current fashion trends, includes straight shirts, a-line shirts long shirts frocks and casual and semi formal dresses. Each design is quite unique. A light half white dress is very decent the upper body is printed and the rest shirt is brosha at lower portion of the shirt is patch up and carry churi pajama Braahtii brand mostly use enchanting colors and dark colors like black zinc maroon blue etc a shirt of tea pink color very beautiful embroidery work around the neckline and at the lower part of the shirt is patches and nice lace.

A Zinc color shirt is very unique whole shirt is plain but at its shoulder there are a little bit work of beautiful stones and at its lower portion there is very distinguished embroidery work and patches along with trousers a dark blue long a- line shirt the whole shirt is plain only embellished on its neckline. Braahtii dresses all adorn with beautiful embroidery and fancy laces which make its collection very decent and lovable.

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