Versace is a grand fashion industry in Italy. The designer Giovanni Maria Versace launches his collection in 1982. He won the American Oscar fashion award in his life. He died in the age of 50. Her younger brother and Allegra inherited her project continue.  In this newly collection the designer designs the spring collection. Gala is designs the dresses for this brand she designs for bolly wood also. In her this collection she design the short and long frocks in a unique style. So many people inspire by lady Gala. In this collection the designs are consist on the short body and trouser shirt and frocks in long and short length. The stuff is used in it silk and chiffon. The lining print and innovative print make the dress mare attractive. The light and bright colors look impressive on it. The trimming work is embellishing on it with very good art. These dresses are wearable on the prom and evening party. The young girl’s like these dresses the most.

Topic: Designer Versace 2013 collection
Brand: Versace
Designers: Giovanni Maria Versace, Allegra & lady Gala
Stuff: silk and chiffon
Color: light and bright
Perfect for: prom and party wear.

2013 Versace-Spring-and-Summer-Collection-for-girls

Fabulous women different wear by Versace

large variety of Versace designer dresses

Long gown style women wear by Versace 2013

Modern 2013 women dress Versace Summer-Collection

Short lenght fashion girl Versace 2013 dresses

Trendy design of girl outfit by Versace 2013


Versace Summer-2013 Fashion-Week collection

versace-spring-2013 collection for women

Versace-Spring-2013 collection in new style

versace-spring-summer-2013 dresses in orange color