The trend of frock has been increasing day by day in the parties’ functions or festive occasion. Erum khan is the brilliant Pakistani designer. She design an excellent party dresses for the latest woman. She has brought a revolution in the fashion world due to her unique designing and colorful printed dresses. Sleeveless long frocks with the latest material leave attractive impact on the model. Heavy hand embellishment work has been done on the frocks. Thread work on the shirts is amazingly beautiful. Mostly frocks are in awesome style. Her designed dresses reigned over the heart of the fashion conscious girls. Mostly frocks are made of Tilla, thread work, machine work and beads.The party dresses are full of embroidery.

embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan1 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan2 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan3 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan4 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan5 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan7 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan8 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan6 embroidered-party-dress-by-erum-khan9