Asifa and nabeel are the shining and twinkling name in the Pakistan fashion industry. They have a creative mind and God gifted talent that’s why they struggled in this field and made a topper status for themselves on the sky of the fashion industry. Now they have a great importance not only for women but also for men because of their gorgeous and individual style dresses. They always use best quality stuff and fabric for their dresses and prepare them with great care and attention. That’s why their clients are very pleased and happy and buy their dresses easily in spite of their high rates and price. Because they know very well that asifa and nabeel production is much comfortable and satisfied for everyone. They always take care the desires and longings of their clients and avail such dresses to them as they want. Their dresses can be worn in every kind of events.

Asifa & Nabeele Dresses Collection is one of the most famous & popular collection. This brand presents party wear, formal wear, bridal wear etc. They present stylish, beautiful & nice colour combination dresses for men and women. Their ideas about dresses are unique & outstanding. As the following pictures describes their ideas very well.

They use light & dark, decent, elegant colours like white, skin, black, brown, green etc. The fabric used is also of good quality. Embroidery dresses with dabka work, stone work, from these designers have a great importance in fashion industry. Frocks in light colours and with decent embroidery are shown. Tieds, churidar pajamas, shalwar, may also be used with these frawks. These gorgeous, stylish & beautiful pictures of Asifa & Nabeel dresses collection.

Majority they use chiffon and silk stuff for party dresses. Wholly dresses were made especially for young girls. Mostly long frocks with churidar pajamas and lehengas are including in this collection. Lovely skin and white long frilled frock is really so beautiful and amazing. Majority frocks are consisting on elegant designs and have vibrant colors. Bright and nice colors like white, skin, brown, navy blue, sea green and grey were selected with great attention for this collection. All the dresses were made with stunning embroidery and stylish work of cuts and pearls. Mostly work of different elegant things was done on the neck line and the border but a little bit work of beads and pearls in different style were also done on the whole area of the frock. Some frocks are sleeveless and some frocks are consisting on tight sleeves. Some frocks were prepared with heavy embroidery and some frocks were made with printed stuff. Mostly frocks were designed by umbrella style which verily gives a Barbie look to wear it. Asifa and nabeel have used nooray model for representation of their dresses.  Briefly, all the dresses are more beautiful and individual due to their exceptional designs and show a prove of asifa and nabeel’s success.