Idea to wear summer prints


Summer is not a good season according to the fashionable ladies because in this season we can’t wear according to our wish but It is fact that whether it is summer or it is winter our dressing should be good and unique from the previous years and that prints which we have wore in the last years not wear in this year .All the ladies who are conscious about their dressing in this spring and summer season they have no need to worry because I have some floral prints ideas which are perfect for you in this summer season. We can say this season spring summer season because the weather of today is not too much hot and not too cool .In this normal season we should wear such clothes which are light and colorful because dark and bloomy colors represent the color of spring and many people love the spring season so here I have some prints which you can wear with any bottom and in any style you look very cool in the summer season which is mostly effected on every person in a unpleasant way. Here I have some colorful dresses with floral prints.



How o wear floral prints:

Floral red and green combination off the shoulder   one piece is very nice for you if you area working lady you can wear it in the full hot days and in the spring season you can wear white jeans to enhance your beauty and you can stitch it in the way of top and pants. Floral style green yellow and black contrast is looking gorgeous you can put on for your summer season and you can wear it easily because it is sleeveless. Black color is not apt for the summer and spring season and white color is wore by only sophisticated but black and white color combination in the floral prints is looking nice   for the parties with your white and black floral prints frock is good with silver pumps and light jewelry . A graphic print with floral and wavy prints in sea green color is very great when you stitch it sleeveless boat neckline and half up and down shirt. Lavender color and light purple color with nice color flowers v -neckline and cape sleeves maxi is best for your tour and beach trip with this maxi you can use flowers in your hairstyle. In summer season very light colors go well but blue color is symbolized from the nature so you can wear blue long maxi with lily floral print and surplice neckline sleeveless is best for the outing and visited places and you can wear wedge heel sandal with this dress. Chiffon and georgette is very best for the summer and spring and for the formal wear you have t need something light and decent so you can wear shorts with button down top with full sleeves .Now a day the trend of street style is much more and if you like street style look then you can select these floral printed dresses for your fashionable and trendy look .You can wear plain top with short skirt and tote back and the pink color pumps is good choice. Very decent and little floral prints half sleeves frock with jewel neckline and this print is best for young girls and this dress is well for the street style girls. White color ankle length frock with multi shaded floral prints with scoop neckline and sleeveless for prom parties and the birthday parties is great selection. In the spring season the rose flower is looks very nice and enchanting you can wear rose flower printed shirt with same skirts give you the look of vintage lades and in the market floral prints footwear are also available you can carry this dress with same shoes give you enchanting appearance.

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Final note:

In spring summer season many prints are available in market but you should wear prints according to your body shape  for the heavy body small and simple prints are good but for the slim ladies and girls something big and intricate patterns are best but prefer it that wear light color and soft fabric in the summer season and use sunglasses it enhance your beauty with floral prints dresses.