This collection is inspired from the funky and Balmain fashion accessories. In this collection the including things are the tight pants, denim jeans, skinners, sneaker leather skirts. The other variety is the huge collection of leather bags like the hand bag, fingered bags, clutch and silver stone on the high quality range of leather. The leopard and printed stuff is use on the bags with beautiful studs. Stradivarius Fall 2013 Limited Edition is the present the new style of jeans the narrow jeans. The leather short skirt is look impressive and stunning on the fashion show. These are perfect for the party and Stradivarius fall season. These pieces are wearing as formal and casual wear. In this collection the extra addition is the boot and leather shoes are design in zip and studs style. These are made with jeans and leather. The colors are usually uses in jeans are the blue, black and sky and the leather is avail in different shiny colors. The stitching method is simple and unique for the young girls wear in drop addition.
Topic: Stradivarius Fall 2013 Limited Edition
Stuff: jeans and leather
Color: bright and shine
Design: pants and short skirt and bags
Perfect for: in party and casual wear.

Stradivarius-Fall-winter collection 2013

pares and maching boots winter collection

black Stradivarius Fall 2013 Limited Edition

blue Stradivarius Fall 2013 Limited Edition

brown and white Stradivarius Fall 2013 Limited Edition