In every field of life, during life journey some moments become evocative and remarkable which can’t forget till the decades. If we talk about cinema industry, there are several moments which can’t be forgotten. These fashion moments has their strong image at the minds of the viewers. From such mesmeric moments, here we are going to share some ever lasting moments which has their impact still at the minds of viewers. These cherishing moments are gorgeously awesome scenes which brimmed with glamour and exact fashion dexterity.


1 Unforgettable Fashion Moments in History (8)

Madonna has created most inspiring and evocative moments during her successful career. He costumes with highlighted pointed corset really opened women sexuality and in this regard even Marilyn Monroe could not reach that level from where Madonna express her unique feminine style.

Lady Gaga meat dress:

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Every one was shocked a full of surprised when Lady Gaga walked the red carpet at MTV video and music awards. She was in meat dress and people was in great curiosity that why she was in meat dress. Actually behind wearing this iconic meat dress, she want too encourage the people and designers that they continue creating unique styles and always be innovative.

Marilyn Monroe wind blown dres:

3 Unforgettable Fashion Moments in History

In her movie “the seven year itch”, Marilyn is standing over a subway gate and her white dress is blown up with air. Designer “William Travilla was not imagine that his dress will create an evocative scene which will remarkable till the decades. This scene is allowed to women to express her sexuality and be sexy.

Kate Middleton wedding dress:

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Kat Middleton wedding dress was gorgeously remarkable. It was amalgam of elegance and modesty. She wore long sleeves with high neckline which is normally not created for brides. But as trend setter she wore this gorgeously well designed dress and create a mesmeric expression in fashion history.

Angelina Jollie black dress:

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In 2012 at Oscar awards, Angelina was extremely gorgeous and created a mesmeric figure in black velvet dress. She has created best red carpet look and add a remarkable moment in fashion history.

Princess Diana black costume:

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Diana wore confidently Christina stambolian LBD for a Vanity Fair party at same night when Prince Charles confessed his infidelity to Diana. Perhaps D8iana is trend setter for wearing black at mourning.

Bjork’s Swan dress at red carpet:

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Wearing a mockery of dress, like lady Gaga she knew that what she is doing but for creating an expression that fashion is also about fun and for having attention of others. She wore such dress which is not so classiest but memorable for every one.

Rita Hayworth:

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Rita Hayworth has also created one of most remarkable fashion moment by wearing jeans Louise black satin sheath gown which is defining the image of femme fatale.

 Uma thruman:

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Although her character is brief in pulp fiction, But she has created a popular image which will memorable for decades. Her crisp white shirt, fierce bob and strong seductive eyes are creating an image which is evocative in fashion history.

Calvin klein dress in clueless:


Clavein kelin dress which Cher (Alicia silverstones) wears in clueless define the nineties rich girl look. Knee length socks with mini dress create a major movie moment which is based upon creating style. Really it is one of evocative fashion moments which will remember in fashion history.