Step by step creation of knot heart with rope

If you have creative mind and spend your spare time in modernistic formation then it is great impressive hobby that modifies old things in innovative silhouette & also created something special & unique from mind-thoughts for decoration or to use functionally. At this present time, you will learn to knot by rope in heart shape that is really romantic present to furnish your lover on Valentine Day or to expose ever-lasting heart feelings from this arty web page. Love relation directly connected with heart that’s reason heart objects mostly utilized to articulate that you fall in love. This heart knot may be easiest in manufacturing for you but it is Celtic knot that has no ending & staring edge so, you should carefully note it’s making steps to achieve success in your goal.
Here, I shared entire method to create this rope heart knot that is consists on ten steps. Follow these steps:

1 step by step procedure to create heart knot

1.    Firstly, choose the color of cord that may be red, blue, green or white & straightly hold in hands.
2.    Make a small loop of this cord by opposite crossing the one edge.
3.    Pass the right end of cord from this string circle.
4.    Now, pull it slightly from edges.
5.    Bring back working edge of cord upwards from loop.
6.    Then pass again from the lower side of ring.
7.    The second round passed & now the time is to keep down working cord & pass it through the bottom circle.
8.    Other edge pass from the mid center loop.
9.    Back turn it down from the topper loop.
10.    Your gorgeous heart rope is in accurate shape.

2 vibrant red handmade heart pendant

You can use this lovely handmade cord heart as a neck pendant to show unique arty love or offer it as love gift you beloved person. Now, you have been learnt its manufacturing process so, bracelet can also format by this same pattern that is best friendship band to expose long-lasting love relation.