DIY hair band with twisted lace & pearls

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Today, I am going to unveiled a superb delicious idea to make DIY hair band with twisted lace at this DIYSIDEAS web page. Somehow like this that I met previous weekend her friend that is student of art & designing renowned institute. She told me that now a day “we are creating handmade marvelous and sophisticated jewelry items”.

She also show me her own dazzling formations those much impressed me. I learnt from her friend one easiest and adorable DIY idea to create lace embellished hair band. I came back at home and try it. Surprisingly, I succeed to make handmade lace embellished hair band that I am going to share with my web friends.

Needed accessories

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Twisted flat lace
Glue gun
Plastic hair band

Paste glue at the edge of hair band

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Firmly fix twisted lace on the hair band

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Cut extra lace

5 Hair band 10 (9)

Garnish with pearls

6 Hair band 10 (10) 7 Hair band 10 (11)

Enjoy, DIY stunning hair band

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This classy and endearing handmade hair band is really delightful and appealing. You can use this DIY hair band casually and formally both vogues. If you offer it as a gift then it will be loveable and memorable gift for any beloved female.

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