DIY striking pet collar with extra belt

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At this present time on this DIYSIDEAS web page you will learn that how you can make handmade pet collar by extra leather waist belt. Somehow like this that I was cleaning the wardrobe of my brother where I found extremely elegant and chic leather studded embellished waist belt but unluckily it was not perfect for my brother so, this was extra. I decided to make pet collar for my puppy dog with this stunning graceful wasted belt.

I got some idea and finally created lovely pet collar by own hands. I was surprised to see this DIY pet collar that was really dazzling and charming. Now, I wanted to share this delightful incredible idea to make pet collar with my web friends.

Needed items

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•    Leather golden studs belt
•    Scissor
•    Probe tool

Cut the extra piece of leather belt

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Make holes with probe tool for closure collar

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Close pet collar with golden glossy buckles

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Enchanting & gorgeous pet collar is ready

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