DIY turquoise stones necklace for young girls

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Little girls are not back in the contemporary fashion epoch rather than they are also wanted to wear excellent fancy dresses with identical fashion jewelry. My younger sister is also much trendy and voguish recently she attended her friend birthday party. She tired aqua green delightful and cool tint dress but her matching jewelry was no available. She was unhappy and gloomy.

I decided to make handmade turquoise green semi precious stones necklace for her. This handmade jewelry process was easy for me and designed and offered her adorable sister. She was very astonished and sturdily hugs me with many thanks. Other members of my family also appreciated me. Now, I wanted to share this dazzling superb idea to make handmade necklace with my web friends. Please1 follow below steps.

Essential things

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Soft wire
Metal chain
Wire cutter
Turquoise semi stones

Attach soft wire with chain & turn its edge

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Pour bricks form semi turquoise stones

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Fasten wire with second side chain & twist it

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Close with hook & enjoy fabulous DIY necklace

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Handmade stones necklace is ready

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This is extremely chic and gorgeous handmade necklace that specially designed for little girls. This lovely necklace you can gift your friends and cousins. Hope, you will like and admire of this marvelous handmade jewelry activity.

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