Housewives are always found overwhelmed with the thought how they can make their home more attractive and beautiful. And their bedroom remains always heir focus of attention. A house wife tries to bring new innovative styles and designs to make the bedroom more attractive and up-to-date.

And if you are done with doing the same things like bringing change to curtains or changing the furniture to bring change then here is a very classy idea for you to bring revolution to the whole look of the room. One thing that you can add to make your room more beautiful and sparkling different head boards ideas are given here and you can select any one and can give a change to the everyday boring look of the room.

Different designs as diy rustic wooden head board, palette headboard, tufted headboard, window frame head board, canopy head, book shelf storage head board, ruffled head board and tufted and frame headboard are some of the options from which you can opt for your favorite one. And the best thing about these head board is that you can make these headboards at home easily with some material and having some strategies in mind.

Old shutter headboard;


Nothing you have to do for this setting but have to stand a shutter behind the bed.  Making the color of the shutter contrast with the color of the curtains and bed sheets can transform the whole look of the room from being simple to stylish one. Your room will look style-statement with this addition. Different designs and colors can be chosen to make the room attractive with shutter head board.

Starry window head board;


Set this starry window head board in the room of your child to please him or her. At night in darkness this will shine and will give a very nice-looking atmosphere to surrounding. Even if you are nature lover you can opt for this starry window head board and can enjoy a sleep under the open sky. Right down before such starry window you will feel like sleeping in a fine atmosphere under the shiny sky that is full of stars. Any light color for the board will let the shine exude more amazingly and with white color headboard two white color lamps at the sides of table will make room outclass.

Rustic headboard for bedroom;


If you do not want to have shine or any kind of decoration on head board then opt for this simple rustic head board and place it above the bed. To make this rustic headboard is very quick and easy. This square shape headboard in simple rustic colors is setting the tone of the room making it more attractive and fantastic. This is a very witty way o change a simple looking room into stylish and stunning one.

Head board with shelves;


If you want to have a headboard décor with vases and flower then consider this style of headboard. With a tall rustic headboard make shelves of wood and attach them on the head board and décor this with vase and flowers. Another option is to make book shelves headboard.

Boho style headboard;


Guys who like boho style can go for this style headboard for their room. Large rustic headboard adorned with lights will illumine your room giving off an outclass and shiny look. At the occasion of festival you can consider this style of arrangements of your bed room. Those who afraid of sleeping in complete darkness will love this idea to have light in room in such magnificently gorgeous look of the room.