Ideas to make paper handmade   flowers

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There are  many things to give the  others as a gift because gift  is a source of   sharing love and  sincerity    because when you give someone  his/her favorite thing then he /she will really feel happiness    and  for the gift there is no a  special day you can  give  gift at any time to your dear ones  and   when we make things at home with our  own hands then it will  a good fun and   not much costly because many  required things are present at home  which you can use in the making things .we make cards , candles ,dolls ,flowers and many things at home  because it  is the love  which urges you to  make   the things from your hands  it is time consuming and  creative work  but your love  allows you to do extra for your special and  loving  persons. Cards making is very easy and many people give  cards on many events like the father day  ,mother day ,eid day , valentine’s day ,  friend day , Christmas day   and many more days  on which  we  deliver cards to one another  but the flower which are very beautiful thing to give someone as a gift  we  keep the flower limited for the flower day and the valentine day it is wrong  you can make flowers at home  at  collect so much  praises from the receiver. Stay with us and see the different styles and colors flowers    making ideas.

First of all some things which are required:

Copper wire
Crepe paper
Pencil color
Foamy sheet
When you  have   collected  all these required things then  turn is to make the flower  then   take a tooth pick  and a crepe paper which do you like and cut it in the  frill style and wrap it on the  toothpick  and  wrap too much  that cover all the tooth pick  and  it look  in to a little  flower with pink and white color. For making the vase  take different color crepe paper and  fouled it  that it make so short  and  cut it  and wrap the  copper wire on it and the  stem of the  flower make with green crepe paper  and  make different color flower and keep it in a vase  and you  can give it to your mother  on the mother day  take a white lime stone vase and keep all these handmade flowers in it you mother  will must like your   gift. With different ways you can make flowers  with different colors paper  if your friend like the purple color  flower  symbolize  the respect  and dignity for the others  and you can make a  single flower for your  teachers and father  for their birthday and  at any time when you like to give . With the white crepe paper and the foamy sheet you can make tiny flowers   and make the stem of copper wire with the green crepe paper and apply glue on the all flowers and joined it with one another   and add the pearls and motifs in the center of the flower it look so elegant these beautiful handmade   clutch can pin in your hair. With the foamy sheet you can make flowers and decorate your home it is best to giving gift and   for the home decoration with it make different flowers and take long copper wire and wrap it with the brown color crepe paper and put it in the vase it look so nice when you will keep it in your home .for more elegancy you can add the silk ribbon and crochet laces to give someone on her / his wedding fancy buttons, motifs and the   mirror can be used to make your flower embellished.
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beware when you are using wire because it can break and it can pinch on your hands and keep away from the kids because all the things are harmful for the kids. I hope you will really like my article   see the pictures and make flowers for your dear ones and for your home.