Handmade cards are wondrous for their uniqueness and inimitable impressions; they instantly catch the attention due to the material which is self-made. Well designed ready-made cards have colors and fascination but there is no substitute of having a creative one which will readily delight the love feeling of a person. Well if you are not perfect in making the crafty cards don’t worry now there are shops on which handmade cards are available, you can make choice with them but I would rather give you suggestion of creating yourself to make one feel something extra ordinary looking at the effort of presenting self-created greeting card. Your loved ones are surely important entity in this world and it is said ‘Love needs to be expressed’ so make your love expression terrifically giving a handmade card so that your precious feelings find right way to your right love one.
My ideas of presenting special love cards are not so much difficult to make at home but its quiet simple and original, you will need of simply cheap things to embellish on card but make sure of quality of card on which you are to design and craft. Heart designs more of the time attain much importance so you will find it in my assortment but there are another expressions too that can indicate the true feelings in a lovely way, so get ready and pick up the essentials to form a beautiful handmade card of your choice from the images given below.

1.    Love is all you need

1 Simple but elegant thanks handmade cards

Your lover need to know your expressions truly and this would be an impressive way to give this handmade card in which precious feelings denoted with love has collected in jar. Make this love jar and color the tiny hearts but you may paste the sticker hearts too with glittery or shiny touch and just write Love is all you need.

2.    Map love handmade card

2 Simple but elegant thanks handmade cards (1)

Get the map card and set any direction from globe, cut the heart shape from this card and signify a lush red heart to make your feelings worth. Try to find the velvet or suede card because its lustrous look will melt away the heart of your loved one fantastically. Cut the small normal horizontal stripes of any color card and write upon it ‘I’m lost without you’ to make ones significance clear to him/her.

3.    Umbrella card with a lot of hearts

3 Simple but elegant thanks handmade cards (2)

There is no special time or moments that are specific to show your love but every time you can shower the great feelings to your affectionately. Make a showering umbrella handmade card which is full of warm feelings of love shower containing a lot of hearts that is just for someone special who means much and a lot in your life.

4.    Time telling miss you card idea

4 Simple but elegant thanks handmade cards (3)

Take the dotted any color or yellow hard card and cut the round small card to make the clocks. Denote different time on them and tell your loved one that your whole day is not empty without thinking about you and every time you miss. Well it’s so simple but impressive card to make anyone stun by this unique design and effort.

5.    Gorgeous love card with red button

5 Simple but elegant thanks handmade cards (4)

Give the red lining to whole card and cut the small square pieces from white card. Assign the LOVE letters to every square piece singularly but for O letter you will embellish the red button with strong thread that have a great fascination reflected from this simple card. You may present this card on Valentine’s Day or any time when you have to greet your lover.

6.    Dotted and glittery handmade card

6 Simple but elegant thanks handmade cards (5)

To make this fanciful card you just need of dotted black cloth, silver ribbon and glittery fomic sheet with for hearts. Paste the dotted cloth horizontally with glue and tie a knot with ribbon. Cut the silver glittery hearts the one in large and other in small sizes. Put it to the cloth but make it more dazzling by having red and black upon the silver heart one by one.

7.    Heart cut out card idea

7 Simple but elegant thanks handmade cards (6)

Cut out cards have fun and craziness for everyone that is why this all black card I have submitted in my collection. Give the dimension of white circle designed card from heart cut out card and write down Lots of hugs in one corner to specify your sentiments.