We have an old tradition of giving cards that is beautiful and even lovely. It’s good to go market and have readymade cards and that are nice but what do you think about adding your personal feelings to card making your own designs and make your love feel important that you have spent time for him to make a beautiful handmade card. Handmade things are fascinating and attractive because of having uniqueness and a touch of personalized stock. Love is a divine feeling and your love definitely precious for you. Feelings get more valuable when it is expressed to let your love come to know what you feel for him.
Valentine’s Day is celebration for all lovers throughout the world who express all their sentiments to dear one you don’t want to lose. But I think you don’t need to show your feelings on a specific day because every day is right to tell your love about your emotions. Flaunt into the world of passionate feelings with love that has no end in fact it strengthens you in the best way with passing every day. Mostly red color is linked for love and when a tint of red is sprinkled in handmade cards it give more passion to it. You can add your own theme to your homemade card to design for your love. Let’s come to find ravishing and romantic design cards for lovers that are needed to present in fabulous way.

1.    A simple pastel color card for love with heart

1. handmade card designs for love

2.    A box full of hearts that is for love design to make card

2. handmade card designs for love

3.    Linked hearts in different colors to say hello to love

3. handmade card designs for love

4.    Beautiful polka dot heart cutting designing on white card


4. handmade card designs for love

5.    Valentine’s day card in brown gray color on which red heart is looking beautiful

5. handmade card designs for love

6.    Just for you card with rhinestones embellishment

6. handmade card designs for love

7.    Just more than wow with love idea pasting a big heart

7. handmade card designs for love

8.    A simple love card with girl sending hearts for boy friend or husband

8. handmade card designs for love

9.    Valentine card hanging hearts on blue color card

9. handmade card designs for love

10.    A heart make design card that is beaded with pearls and paper quilling design

10. handmade card designs for love

11.    Lace and pearls on love card for girlfriend with red heart

11. handmade card designs for love