Elegant & Chic Shirts for Boys in Two Shades:

Mostly people think that the two tone shirts look quite polish & odd but dear it’s not the foolishness but it’s called funkiness. Yes, two tone shirts give a very chic & stylish look to the boys. I think it’s only two tone shirt that can give you a gangster inspired look. So, if you want to follow the gangster fashions then no better option is for them other than two shade shirts with pants. When you are trying to make a style statement with two tone shirt then I think one thing that can make this fashion successful for you is the accurate & adorable Color coordination. Yes, a right color scheme can help you to become a fashion icon in your social circle. Some color schemes looks quite casual while some looks very formal. Now it’s up to you because you have to decide whether you need a two tone shirt for casual wear or for party wear. For casual use I think the sky blue & pastel blue tones shirt looks nice, similarly the combinations such as black & white is also accurate for casual wear & for formal wear red white, pink white, peach white, black navy blue, etc are best. There are lots of colors, tones, shades, tints & hues, you just need to know about colors & be creative about the creation of two tone shirts. Here are some more ideas for boys on how they can design a two tone shirt.

Two Tone Shirt Designing:

1 shirt for men made with two different colors & stuffs

First of all you need to choose a basic color for the shirt & then choose second color for the shirt that is called secondary color. Always use more of basic color & less of secondary color. For example if navy blue is basic color & black is secondary color then you can add black color on shirt’s collar, placket area & cuffs. You can also make only sleeves with secondary color. The pocket square can also be made with secondary color while the whole shirt will be on basic color.

Vertical & Horizontal Pattern Two Shade Shirt for Boys:

2 two differnet color shirts designs for men

Another way of adding secondary color into button up shirts or pullover shirt is the vertical patterns. You can add secondary color into the center, on the left or right sides as well as you can divide your shirt into two equal parts of basic & secondary color. If you are going to market then don’t worry you can find lots of two tone shirt into vertical designing.
3 two tone shirts for boys & men

Opposite to vertical is horizontal. Yes you are thinking right. The next pattern in two tone shirts is the horizontal pattern. You can add second color on the front of shoulder or at the back of shoulder on horizontal way.

Printed Two Shirts for Men:

4 printed two different color shirt

Two tone shirts are also available in printed form. You can find Hodge podgy print, flower print, paisley print, stripped or polka dots print in two tones. So, if you never like plain shirt in two tones then printed shirt is another option for you to get rock & roll look in the party or as street boy.

Dyed Two Tone Shirts for Boys:

5 dyed two shade shirt for men

Two tone shirts for boys or men are also available in dyed form. The dyed patterns are available in vertical form, horizontal form as well as in swirling form or hedgy podgy form. Hopefully, after reading this article now you may be able to choose two tone shirts in a very clear-cut way because now you are aware from different types of two tones shirts.