Indian tradition is full of colors and style which looks amazing on ladies specially when there arrives a chance to look amazing in front of people while carrying traditional outfits. We have discuss out number of amazing traditional segment for men and women and for now, our motive is to expand out version of utmost stunning and highly requested Patiala style dressing segment for ladies.

Visual aids:
Beautiful blue and orange Patiala style suit for ladies:

Here is our first beautiful segment for ladies which is designed with beautification of embroider techniques along with deadly combination of blue and orange color. This segment involves beautiful orange Shalwar with blue dots on it, embroidered blue shirt and long orange dupatta.

Simple printed Patiala style suit for girls:

This segment involves utmost beautification in printed form. You can see that Shalwar and dupatta are based upon epic prints and shirt remains simple to add class in whole look.

Black and pink embroidered Patiala suit style for ladies:

This segment involves amazing pink and black Patiala suit style which is embellished with classic embroiders ideas. It has sleek modern touch along with traditional style.

Check print red and blue Patiala style suit for girls:

This segment heartily belongs to young ladies who like to wear bright even in traditional way. You can see check printed Shalwar with gracious lightly gold designed shirt and long floral printed red dupatta.

Simple and gorgeous Patiala style suit for girls:

Blue color remains in fashion and also it shades whether light or dark. This segment involves beautiful printed Shalwar suit along with simple kameez style and printed dupatta.

Black and orange Patiala suit for ladies:

Black and orange look epic together. This segment is proof of this statement. You can see how amazingly designers have molded out these two shades in traditional style dressing for ladies.

Colorful party wear Patiala style suit for girls:

This segment is so gracious and gorgeous that in will probably enhance out your beauty for sure. It involves three different shades and looks epic altogether. Here are some other designs in Patiala style for ladies

Modern style Patiala suit for ladies:

Bright velvet style Patiala suit for ladies:

Full black Patiala suit style for girls: