Angelina Jolie introduction:

Beautiful Angelina Jolie is American actress, film director and author. She is one of most well reputed and talented celebrities of Hollywood. She is owner of lots of desired wards. This prestigious personality is promoted humanitarian causes and works with refugees as Goodwill ambassador for the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees. She is also considered as one of world’s most beautiful women.

Islamic outfits and Angelina Jolie:

As U.N Goodwill ambassador has visited Pakistan for victims of flood at kandaro Noshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She was brimmed with noble passion of assistance at this occasion. One of most noteworthy thing is that Hollywood actress was in traditional Islamic dress at this event. She was in exact Islamic dress while visiting miserable people who spoiled from flood.  She was urging world to help Pakistan at this dejected time. Here we are sharing some glimpses in which Angelina is in Islamic traditional dresses and draw the attention of world towards her impressive look in Muslim dresses.

Angelina in black long Islamic dress:

1 Angelina Jolie wears traditional muslim dress (10)

In this picture, Angelina is in awesome black long dress which has clear manifestations of taftan dress. in this Muslim dress, Angelina is expressing soft relation between west and Islam. Angelina is looking greatly impressive in this excellent Islamic traditional dress.

Jolie is in traditional Islamic dress:

2 Angelina Jolie wears traditional muslim dress (15)

In impressive full sleeve grey shirt and black pajama with long matching scarf, Angelina is looking fantastic. She is presenting awesome Muslim wearing style by wearing such traditional dress. During her visit in Pakistan, she was deeply committed with her humanitarian passion which she has for flood victims.

Angelina covers head with hijab:

3 Angelina Jolie wears traditional muslim dress (5)

In this picture, Angelina is addressing with media press. In Islamabad, during her press conference she was in impressive grey colored abaya dress and black scar. Her head was covered withy that black scarf. She was in exact Muslim dress which is presenting the expression of equality as being one of Pakistanis.

Black hijab and abaya dress worn by Angelina:

4 Angelina Jolie wears traditional muslim dress (3)

In black abaya and black scarf, Angelina is looking fabulous. She is presenting respective exterior of Muslim wearing style. Her head is also covered with scarf and she is in simple beauty like Muslim girls.

Some more expressions of Angelina wearing Islamic dress:

Here we are sharing some more glimpses which have marvelous expressions in which Angelina is in Muslim outfits. We are sharing an impressive gallery which is teemed with pictures which are also great expression of humanitarianism.  Have impressive glance of below shared gallery and watch beautiful Angelina in excellent Muslim styled outfits which she worn during her visit in Pakistan. Enjoy the respective gallery.