Regardless of this whether you are a business woman or a student in university, casual look demands artful technique from you to keep yourself according the place and situation. You do not have to think as much in wedding ceremonies as you need to be careful while going to street.

Because in streets your dressing would become informal but you should make your presence whether you are in streets or office. People judge you the way you present yourself and your dressing way describes how you take things around you. For street look there is no need to be dressed in bright colors but simple colors with simple pattern would look very appropriate.

Black color dresses for street style look;


Black color is all time favorite but some girls seem to be completely washed-out in this color. You can look lovely in black color by designing your dress with some different technique and in such style that suits upon you. You can wear black colored dressing pant paired with black button coat. Roll off the cough of your pant and pointed pumps with this dress will look very stylish. Wearing goggles and holding a hand bag you will look perfect for going to casual meeting or grocery store. This is a good way to turn a dress from simple to being lustful. You can also opt for a strapless black color short frock and wear a bangle with it. Let your tresses fall down and feel free and happy.

Long and short skirts;

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Short and long skirts both with simple pattern look very good dress for street look. White color skirt with floral pattern on it and coupled with tops look very nice casual dress. You can wear wedges or coat shoes with this dress. Hanging a long chain bag at one shoulder you will be ready to go for a walk on road or for window shopping. This attire is the most favorite among young girls as it is truly girlish and wearing these dress girls feels comfortable and confident.

Evening casual dresses;


In winter evening the atmosphere will demand somehow a different look. With pant and tops you can wear overcoat, jacket or palazzo. Wearing denim and soft color top if you drab a shawl around your shoulder this get up will give you outstanding look. High ankle shoes will give grace to your overall look. But the long and short overcoats are very trendy and comfy too. Coats are also available in multiple colors so select a color that go with your dress.

 Accessories to accompany with dresses;

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In streets your other accessories would be just a watch or bracelet. Do not need to do make-up but apply a lot of moisturizer to have a glowing face. Lip-gloze will also help to make your face look fresh. Nude color bucket bag will look awesome in your hand while going for shopping. But if you are wearing short skirt frilled with fur and high neck top then pair a hat with it and gladiators and this would be enough to look gorgeous walking in streets.

Jump suit perfect for street look;


Button jump suit in zinc color with overcoat and paired with high ankle boots is looking stunning and attractive. If you wear goggles and shoulder bag then you will have a perfect street style look. Let your hair open behind and enjoy your walk with elegant style. For daytime and during night if you want to go outside this dress is classy for you to walk in streets. Hanging coat at shoulders will give a very cool look.