Cocktail Dresses for Prom, Formal Party & Wedding Wear:

Cocktail dress is one of those formal party wear dresses that are most welcomed by the western girls. Yes, you can spot a birthday girl in cocktail dress or a couple who is celebrating their anniversary (here you can see the wife in cocktail dress). Similarly, you can see that lots of girls like to wear cocktail attires on wedding function. Most importantly the use of cocktail dress becomes obvious on prom parties. So, from this all discussion we can conclude that in western countries cocktail dresses has a specific place not only into the hearts of fashion loving girls but also into their wardrobes. A cocktail dress is a must have dress for a girls because she can wear it on different formal & evening events.  Oho don’t think like this. Yes, dear this style will never ever be out of fashion. At least from the last 18 to 20 years, I never ever experienced that cocktail dresses are out of fashion.  So, hopefully, in future this style will be in fashion. By wearing cocktail attire, you can get a cutest, prettiest & lovely look. You can find a versatile range in these dresses such as you can find variety in color, style, stuff & embellishments. Here I am going to share some versatile cocktail dresses ideas. Hopefully, after reading these you will be able to choose a right one for you!

Long & Short Cocktail Dresses Ideas:

1 blush long cocktail dresses for juniors

First of all, the most common problem is that mostly girls think that only short or mini dresses come into the category of cocktail dresses but dear you are thinking in a wrong way because now in this modern age when fashion industry is getting rapid progress then it’s not difficult to expend any style. So, now you can find cocktail dresses in both short & long lengths. If you have flawless legs I mean if there are not patches on your leg skin & your leg skin is not sagging then if course you can try short cocktail dresses very easily. Don’t think about your complexion. Complexion never matters but the healthy skin without sagging matters a lot otherwise you can opt for long dresses.

Shimmery & Matte Cocktail Party Wear:

2 brocade cocktail dresses for juniors

Shimmer means those outfits that are made with shinning fabric or embellished with sequins, beads, crystals or with any other shimmery material while matte means simple chiffon, georgette or un-sparkled dresses. In cocktail dresses you can find shimmery as well as matte. The plus size girls should avoid shimmer dresses because if they wear shimmery then they will look plus in size by gaining bonus weight from shimmeriness. So, they can go with matte dresses. Slim figure girl can go with shimmery dresses for adding some volume on their extra slim figure.

Backless Neckline Hot Cocktail Outfits:

3 gracefull backless neckline cocktail dresses for junior

If you want to show some grace & romanticism on party then try backless cocktail dresses. But when you wear a backless cocktail dress then you need to choose hairstyle very carefully. Choose a hairstyle that can show your backless neckline in a best way. In this regard the best hairstyles are updo, sad swept curly hairs, cascading hairstyle or sided braid. With backless neckline the chandelier earrings looks best.

High Low/Asymmetrical Cocktail or Prom Clothes:

4 high low cocktail dresses for junior

A high low style cocktail dress also looks very nice & flattering on parties & events. So, if you want to look a little funky & chic on the party then you can try this style. With cocktail dress, you always need to pair a high heel pair of footwear. You can choose pump style footwear or strappy style high heel footwear. But if you think that you cannot walk comfortably in high heel then opt for medium heel footwear instead of high heel footwear. The heel is not important but the important point is your graceful walking style.

Similarly, you can find cocktail dresses in different types of fabrics such as chiffon cocktail dresses, georgette, tulle, lace, satin, silk, brocade, etc.
You can find cocktail attire in illusion neckline, sweetheart neckline, halter or key hole neckline, one shoulder or drape shoulder style neckline etc.
You can find cocktail dresses with long sleeves, half sleeves, in sleeveless style as well as in cape sleeves.
You can find a variety in color scheme from pastel tones to darker. Into the following gallery you can see some more cocktail outfits.

Halter Neckline Grey Color Shimmery Cocktail Dress:

5 halter neckline cocktail dresses for juniors

Illusion Neckline & Lace & Tulle Stuff Mini Cocktail Attire:

6 illusion neckline cocktail dresses for juniors

Fully Embroidered Long Leg Slit Style Cocktail Party Wear Gown:

7 leg slit cocktail dresses for juniors

Pink Princess Style Glittering Sweetheart Neckline Mini Cocktail Dress:

8 mini sweeheart neckline cocktail outfit

Black One Shoulder Style Dress with Ruffle Style Designing on Skirt Part:

9 one shoulder cocktail dresses for juniors

Strapless White & Blue Cocktail Party Wear Idea:

10 prom cocktail dresses for junior

Spaghetti Strap Cocktail Dress:

11 spaghatti strap cocktail dresses for juniors