“Saree” is a customary and traditional dress of “India” as we know that “Saree” has been become a too imperative and decisive Dress in any function, drama, film or any kind of show. You can see its magnetism and essentiality in any field whether it would be consist from showbuisness, fashion or profession field. It got too much brilliance not only in “India” or other Asian countries but also it emerging in Western countries rapidly.  “Saree has been become a symbol of inclination now, mostly celebrities also prefer to wear this outfit to look unusual and exclusive and fascinate to others with their styles and figure. To keeping these views these views we are presenting for you a album of “Saree” with velvet pallu. Lets have a look..
You can see the entire anthology of “saree” is looking too much pretentious due to its sumptuous design, contemporary equipment and materials with archetype expediency. The combine of eye-catching and satisfying colors and textile will modify your locality in front of your kith and kin when you would wrap and swath yourself in these given album’s master piece  of “Saree” really..

Anthology:  “Saree”
Festooned with: Velvet pallu
Embellished with: Dabka, crystals, motif, thread work, glass and crystal beads and so on
Ready for: “Girls and women”




black Velvet Pallu SAREE


embroider net saree Velvet Pallu


saree half-in velvet pallu and half in braso with embroidery

Sridevi-English-Vinglish Velvet Pallu SAREE

Velvet Pallu SAREE