Emo is the name of a rock music band which is under the some emotional complexions. The guys of the emo band wear the dark color tops with the skinny tide jeans with knitted scarf even in the summer season, black smokey eyes and wear the black glasses with unwashed side flick hair style. The emo guys are used the dark colors in every accessories and now a day it become the latest fashion style between the young boys and girls.

Here we have the ideas for the emo dressing for the girls in the summer season. There are various types of the dressing ideas for the emo girls in which black color long strap maxi with side bottom tattoo, skinny tide shorts with strappy net garments, animal print with facial print dress, black chic top dress,

Skelton print top, short jean with tee dress, black loose top, tide jeans with tops, tattoos printed mini frocks with tide and check design mini strappy frock. With these dresses you can wears the accessories like sharp antiques style bracelets, chain animal pendent, long shoe, goggles wit knitted scarves. These are all amazing and sizzling hot dressing for the young emo girls.

emo chic collection in summer (1)

emo chic collection in summer (2)

emo chic collection in summer (3)

emo chic collection in summer (4)