With the rapidly fired value of abaya in young ladies the demand of new stylish patterns in abaya designing has become more essential. High tasted Islamic tastes are in search of such wearing in abaya style which are most appropriate to their stylish taste. Here we are going to share with you one of the most stylish and prestigious form of abaya which exclusively trendy and most desired for stylish young taste.

This opulent expression in abaya is the double lyre abaya which is presented by suheera. These abayas are terrific in their stylish worth a very impressive Islamic appearance can easily achieved by this outstanding offering. Very marvelous contrasted patterns are further beautified with the mind blowing designing such as floral embroidery in contrasted colors, stonework and fabric designing. Highly impressive stitching cuts are conspicuous in these excellent abayas. Enjoy the outstanding expression of gallery.

Topic: abaya wearing
Specialty: double lyre abaya by suheera
Exclusive in: its stylish appearance
Trendy choice for: stylish Muslims ladies

Superb and stylish black and grey suheera double lyre abaya with marvelous floral embroidery

1 designer Dual Layer Abaya collection

Awesome striking double lyre abaya in black and turquoise color with slight touch of decent embroidery

2 Suheera Dual Layer Abaya for girls

Trendy choice in black suheera double lyre abaya with grey ruffle sleeves and side open style

3 Suheera Dual  Layer Abaya

Stylish double lyre abaya with wide sleeve and exclusive embroidery

4 Suheera Dual Layer Abaya design (1)

Upper style suheera double lyre abaya for high ended stylish tastes

5 Suheera Dual Layer Abaya design

Elegant back side expression of suheera double lyre abaya for stylish Islamic exposure

6 back of Suheera Dual Layer Abaya design