When we talk about the culture and tradition of any country than how we can forget about Indian culture which is being much illustrious and admired on the global scale. As far as the Indian culture is concerned, that is occupied with innumerable customs and traditions in every field. If we discuss its dressing culture than you can easily guess, which dress is considered pure Indian costume, yes yes friends “Saree”  has become not only eastern outfit but also is going to use in foreigner countries.
Today, we would like to introduce you from one and most favorite Indian saree which is known by the name “Tamilian”. We know very well that Indian fashion industry is filled with stylish numerous sarees types but here we are going to show ‘Tamilian’ sarees which have much glory than others. For knowing about ‘Tamil’ saree you would have to read below article…
If you want to wear Tamilian saree than firstly you should have buy too vast and more cloth for knitted such saree. This saree has a lot of plates between the legs, front and back of the waist. It has no special petticoat but has deep innovative cuts at the back.  Dhoti style this Tamilian saree can make you ‘desi girl’ because of its fabric which is usually georgette, bnarsi, jamawar, chiffon and so on. Too many bright and full dazzling colors with the embellishment of print, shittle lace, velvet work and a little bit stunning embroidery on the Tamilian sarees is much attention grabbing and eye-popping…

Accessory: Sarees
Style: Tamilian
Colors: Bright and dazzling
Fabric: georgette, bnarsi, jamawar, chiffon etc
Embellishment: Print, lace and embroidery
Perfect for: girls
Used for: Casual and formal functions


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