Check out our 2014 huge & wide selection of Branded Abayas. Yes the collection is presented by the very reputable brand abbreviated as M&A. The color of all abayas is black. This Women’s wear collection is embellished with embroidery mostly around the neckline & sleeves. This thread embroidery is done in different colors such as silver, golden, purple & other multicolor are used. The usage of small size shinny beads & sequins are also raising the gorgeousness of these Abayas.

A Muslim woman or girl can use these as an upper garment in order to cover her body from all around. Some Baggy style &b Arabic style Abayas have also characterized with buttons on the front side for the purpose of closing & opening gowns when you need. Some are in a stopped up style of gowns. Qualitative fabric for example black color georgette & chiffon are used. Overall the collection is eye-catching & beyond to our belief.

Topic: Lip-Smacking Branded Abayas Collection
Brand: M&A
Color: Black
Stuff: Chiffon & Georgette
Perfect for: Religious Women

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