Pink & Purple Dresses:

Dear ladies, today I am going to show only pink & purple color dresses with you. In this collection you can explore various shades of pink & purple color. Some dresses are only in pink color while some are in purple color & there are also some dresses which are designed by using a mixture of both colors. I hope that you like this assortment. This collection consists on short as well as long dresses. I hope strongly that almost every age of women can find a suitable design & style for herself from this collection. Take a look!

Pink Purple Long Prom Gowns:

1 purple pink dresses (5)

In this very fist picture you can see that two girls are standing one is in pink color long gown while the other is in purple color gown. The design of both gowns is same while colors are different. Both gowns have sweetheart neckline with silver rhinestone embellishments. Chiffon stuff is used into the making of these gowns. The stitching is really very fabulous. Girls can use this style of gown for wearing on prom parties & lots of other events. Along with parties this style is also perfect for wear8ng on pink or purple theme wedding. Bridmaids or bridals can also go with these gowns.

Pink Purple Dyed Long Sleeveless Embroidered Shirt:

2 purple pink dresses (7)

Take a look at this dyed dress. The combination of dark pink & purple shades is used for dyeing chiffon stuff. Then turquoise, pink & purple color thread is used in the embroidery (which is done on the whole shirt). This long sleeveless shirt has round neckline. Silver color beads are also used into the decoration of this shirt. The borders of duppata are embellished with light golden color banarsi Patti. This dress is perfect for those ladies who belong from Middle East. Women can wear it for attending parties, wedding events, and festival occasions such as on Eid etc.

Pink Purple Print Casual Wear Dress:

3 purple pink dresses (8)

This is a sleeveless printed dress, which can be used as casual wear by the eastern & western both ladies. The combination of light/dark pink & dark purple color on white is looking very nice. This dress has a ban style neckline. The dress looks like a long maxi. The print of this dress is inspired from the abstract art.

Pink & Purple Short Dresses:

4 purple pink dresses for bridmaids

5 pink dress

Look at these purple & pink color shot dresses. Teenage girls can wear these dresses either casual wear as well as formal or party wear. These dresses are also perfect for bridmaids. There is no embellishment on these dresses yet both are looking very elegant. The key factor is the impeccable way of stitching.

Eastern & Western Dresses Collection:

In short words we can say that this collection is a combination of eastern & western deigns of dresses. So, whether you belong from east or from west, in both situations, this collection will surely helps you to find your favorite pink & purple dress for party, wedding, prom & formal wear.