Today, we would like to discuss about “toga” style sarees. Firstly, we should know concerning ‘toga’. Which type of dress call ‘toga’ and what is the significance of its dress?
At the past, Roman men used toga dress which resembled like a robe. This dress was made by woolen fabric and has too much vast cloth. A toga dress was worn by holding cloth under right arm while vast cloth in front and back with too much plates. The front fraction of this dress was crease/folded over the left shoulder and back part was folded also over the left shoulder amazingly.

Similarly toga style sari are draped and wrapped in superb ancient way.
Below, toga style sari collection has been revealed for you girls!  Which is going to be global customary dress for Indian women, lets we also see gallery….
For a toga style sari, you should have needed Indian petticoat, choli and sari cloth. In this sari anthology, bright and vivid colors like black, ferozy, red, pink, purple, white and brown have been used for manufacturing while fabric is also awe-inspiring and nice like silk, chiffon, georgette and so on. Enchanting embroidery, crystals work, lace work has been also done on the front, neckline and edges/border of the sarees beautifully.  These toga style sarees can be easily carried on night formal function owing to their chubby and strange ancient design.…..

Accessory: Dresses’
Assortment: Toga sarees
Color: black, ferozy, red, pink, purple, white and brown
Made of: silk, chiffon, georgette etc
Adorned: Embroidery, crystals, lace and zari work
Suitable for: Girls attending formal functions

beautiful Toga Style Saree

Black One Shoulder Toga Saree Lace Cocktail

black Toga Style Saree]