Polka dots are cool from very early age and even we are thankful this pattern is still trendy to gain the attention of a big crowd. Once I have given the polka dot dresses in different styles but today once again with polka dot details I am going to submit the stylish outfits with pairing polka dot blazers for plus size women. Who says that all the patterns and styles are just only for slim girls, plus size ladies have also a chance to show their curves wonderfully.
I just love the charm of blazer whether with jeans, skirts or tights and especially for fall winter season when you have to cover up the body with over layering like cardigans, coats and blazers. Blazers are modern more than trendy and for working ladies, this wearing becomes more gorgeous to have sophisticate outlook for all the working hours. But have you observed that the fittings of blazer make the upper body slimmer than any other coat, yes it does because the stitching pattern of this draping is highly exquisite with true fits for ladies of any body type that is why my outfit ideas with polka dot blazer can prove wondrous with a lot of fashion pairs like jeans, sheaths, skirts, fashion tops, tights leggings, shorts and also the dress pants.
I will tell you that which matches or pairs are best to style with polka dot blazers that can create fun and also give your plus size body a true fit to look awesome in wearing stylish dresses.

Polka dot blazer with jeans:

1+ Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens1++ Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens

Jeans is flattering all the time and definitely a best fit for any body type, so get it helpful to fix your body shape and wear any color polka dot blazer whether it is navy or black. White top is rather a good choice while styling your jeans would be your real exam, always style your jeans at low waist or mid waist style and never ever try to get it high because you are plus size and this will make your body look dumpy.

Black and black for plus size ladies:

2. Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens

Well black color is mostly preferred to girls who are fatty because black color hides the problem area fantastically. Loose fit sheer top and ankle high black pant is your dazzle while for footwear you should go with high heel if you want to attend any party. Chunky earrings and simply open hair is your great style.

Body con dress with white blazer:

3. Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens

Lush black body con dress for plus size lady is just more than wow but with white blazer. Some ladies like to make the sheath dress more fit by belted the outfit but for too fatty women this would be wrong as the belt will capture the attention to bulky belly so avoid this style but curvy women can have the chunky belts with ankle strap high heels.

Polka dot blazer with colored jeans:

4. Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens

The trend of colorful jeans is very trendy nowadays especially for girls so you have chance to style your cute polka dot blazer by wearing  soft color jeans and a white top. The lady in picture has worn pretty polka dot white peep toe shoes which has made the overall look more than wow for any plus size lady.

Blazer and skirt match:

5+  Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens5++ Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens

The stylish match of blazer and mid skirt is awesome especially to attain the professional look of a working lady but I have summed up two styling ideas one with same pattern dotted skirt and the other is plain black, so now it’s up to you with which style you want to go.

Folded jeans outfit for curvy women:

6. Polka dot blazer outfit for plus size womens

You may transform the whole outlook just giving your jeans a bashful style by folding it twice that will rank the curvy ladies in the fashionistas of this year. Wear polka dot in blazer and get the rocking style.

Bonus tip:

Always go with tiny or mid size polka dot pattern and never ever try to have huge size dots that make your figure look like more bulky.