White Salwar Kameez Trend for Girls:

White color is always in fashion & no one can deny the grace of white. White is for everyone, it is genderless, ageless & timeless color. So, I think every girl or women should own white dress especially Indian girls’ like to wear this dress on holi event (celebrated in spring season usually in February or March) but along with this event girls also like to wear white salwar kameez casually. Salwar kameez is the cultural dress in eastern countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc. So, if you belong from one of these mentioned countries then dear girls now you should be ready for exploring white salwar kameez designing ideas so that by following these ideas you can rock into street, furthermore these ideas will surely help you to make a style statement among your friends. The college going girls or university going girls can also get ideas from here. Let me highlight some main ideas that will help you a lot in order to design white salwar kameez dress.

Full White Salwar Kameez Dress Ideas:

bold white salwar kemeez ideas

Full white Salwar Kameez dress means the color of all three pieces salwar, Kameez & duppata will be white. Let me define one by one. When it comes to the white shirt designing then you have lots of option such as you can go with mini white shirt, you can go with long length or knee length. The white laces, patches, buttons can be used into designing. The length of sleeves can also vary from short to long or you can go with sleeveless style but in this regard the season factor counts a lot because in winter sleeveless style selection is a silly decision while in hot summer days the selection of long sleeves is ridiculous. Similarly, if girls want to wear bangles then bangles will look nice when you wear half sleeves kameez or three quarter sleeves shirt. So, make sure you are selecting a right style that fulfils the seasonal & styling requirements.  Similarly in salwar you can find different styles such as Patiala salwar, pleated salwar, trouser style salwar, pant style salwar etc. Mostly, the short shirt/kameez goes best with Patiala salwar & Punjabi girl like to wear this style attire. With Patiala salwar mostly high heel or khussa footwear looks nice while with simple salwar girls can wear Kolhapuri chappal, the kitten heel footwear is also a best options.

Other Color Contrasting Ideas with White Color Dress:

contrasting ideas for wite salwar kameez
No doubt that white salwar kameez looks decent but there are some girls who want to add other color with white for making it striking & eye catching. Try to contrast pink with white because it looks lovely, think about navy blue & white combination for gorgeous look, what’s your opinion about skin & white as shown into the picture. The black shirt with white salwar & red color highlights is another stunning combination. In short word we can say that with white any color can be easily contrasting because support to each color almost. Color contrasting also helps you to done your make up with versatility when you are getting ready for a party or semi casual event.

Duppata Ideas with White Salwar Kameez:

duppata ideas with white salwar kemeez
Duppata is a very important piece of a dress. It is usually consider compulsory with salwar kameez dress & it is an important part of the eastern countries. With white salwar kameez the chunri duppata looks nice. The red duppata with white also looks impressive. Girls can also go with multi color duppata. If you want to go on a religious event or festival party then once again white dress is best attire for you.

Embroidery Ideas on White Salwar Kameez:

embroidery ideas for white salwar kameez

Some ladies like embroidered dresses. So, for embroidery you have different options such as you can go with thread embroidery, the crystal & beads work is also in use now days, the selection of embroidery also depends on the type of fabric. For example if you choose chiffon stuff for making salwar kameez then on chiffon stuff beads, thread, crystal almost every type of embroidery is suitable while some fabric requirements may differs. In patterns of embroidery flower design, paisley, abstract art, petals etc. You can also take inspiration from the animals, birds & from the things that exists into your surroundings. The section of color of embroidery on white depends on you. You can take patterns & color inspiration from the pictures.