Boys!! Where are you lost? Come here and be smart or dashing with the collection of “Flecked Sport Coat” which has been made for youngest boys that are much fond of wearing modish and stylish dresses. These are all dresses have been prepared with great care and attention along with extra high quality material. Leave your idol and sluggish condition and pick up your bike key to go market for shopping. We hope you will be first client and customer of this collection and must like these dresses in first look really.

The most eye catching and attention grabbing thing of this assortment is its color scheme which is consist of dark and matte colors like ivory, black, brown, grey, aqua, green and etc. wool fabric has been utilizes for this production.  Flecked style dots, patches, lines and check print has been done on the coat beautifully. Tight and smart fitting these flecked sport coats are giving a refined and pioneering look because of their style, amazing buttons and collar design.  You can also see pockets on them that are making whole collection attractive and charming. These coats can be applied in every kind of function of winter season….

Assortment: Dresses

Style: Flecked sport coats

Colors: ivory, black, brown, grey, aqua, green

Stuff: wool

Festooned: Buttons and flecked print

Perfect for; Boys and men

Used for: winter functions


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