Significance of restaurant:

People have two types of attitude regarding restaurants. Some people have craze to visit and dine at special luxurious restaurant and some want to establish their hotel business to earn reputed income. Opening a restaurant is tremendously well reputed and desired short way of earning heavy amount of money. First type of people who want to dine in classy restaurants are also great tasted. They want to visit and enjoy services of famous restaurant. If you are interested in study of world’ most expensive restaurants then stay with us. We are going to share name pf those most expensive hotels which are spread around about the whole world.

Ithaa undersea restaurant, Maldives:

1 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

An expecting eye catching fresh view can enjoy in this restaurant. Underwater setting more than 16 feet below sea level is really impressive and ideal for having mesmeric environment for dine.

Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris:

2 expensiverestaurantspromo-dorchestercollection

Opulence of this impressive dining room expressed from its antique mirror, crystals and five course collection menus. Along with specialties you can also enjoy chesses and desserts.

Sketch restaurant, London:

3 sketch london

Sketch is another most luxurious European restaurant, its entrees charges are up to $300 and for main a massive $500.

Restaurant Solo Per Due, Italy:

4 solo-per-due, itlaly

Love to have a personal dine? Visit Italian Solo per due, with you special one. You can think this only when you can pay for its charges which are hefty  $500 (not included wine).

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester:

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Under accompany of Chef Jocelyn Herland, contemporary French restaurant commands a sizeable fee.  Seven course seasonal tasting menu runs about $ 302 per person for dinner.

The Lecture room and library in London:

6 The-Lecture-Room-and-Library-in-London

One of most expensive London base restaurant is the lecture room and library. This restaurant is located at sketch restaurant complex. Its food serves is right combination of taste, texture and temperature.

Aragawa restaurant, Italy:

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This luxurious hotel has specials attraction for meat lovers. This restaurant is highly paied and tremendously lavish in its external decoration prospects.

Masa, New York:

8 Masa-in-New-York-300x197

New york most expensive restaurant is in shopping mall. Masa, having temple like structure with mere twenty six seats and charges $500 per meal.

Sublimation, spain:

9 item3.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.expensive-restaurants-le-meurice-new

It is also one of world’s most expensive restaurants. Ultra sensory will marry food, art and technology at this place. Picture is expressing sublimity of this prestigious restaurant.

Alberto Ciarla, Rome:

10 Alberto-Ciarla-in-Rome-

Special restaurant in seafood items is Alberto Ciarla. Its glamorous style is highly appealing. Here you have choice of three special items from which you can choose your memorable menu.