Abaya is by definition is a gown which covers the body of a woman from shoulder to ankle. In other words we can say that Abaya is a dress which covers a woman completely expects her hands, face or feet. Abaya is not a much fitted gown but instead of it, this is a very loose style gown or religious-dress. Some women for the purpose of covering their face are wearing Niqab or Hijab. Gloves can also be used for covering hands & socks for feet. It is said in the Holy Quran (the Holy Book of Muslims) that “A Muslim Woman Must Cover Herself before Going outside the Home”. So according to this, traditionally, Abaya is a religious gown for Muslim women, which they wear when they go outside from the house. That’s why the concept of Abaya is famous & popular in the Muslim Countries.

In the prehistoric times, only simple & black color gowns in the form of Abaya were available in the markets. But with the passage of time when various things are modernized, the new view about Abayas also comes on the surface. Because of the advancement in the fashion designing field, different designers also brings revolution in Abayas. Now a day, a versatile collection of Abayas is available in the markets as well as at the boutiques of different Islamic countries. These modern style Abayas are embellished with embroidery, laces, ribbons & other precious ornaments. Along with black color, now, Abayas are also in a number of various colors.

These modern style Abayas can also be used as “Evening Dress”. Here we have the collection of some trendy & gorgeous Abayas which can also be used as an evening outfit. Here in this collection we include all types of Abayas such as simple, plain, printed & embroidered. Modern cuts in these Abayas & latest stitching style are other elements which are making this collection an amazing one. Check out the following gallery!

Topic: Abaya
Collection: Modern Style Abayas
Perfect for: Muslim Woman for outside wear & Abaya as Evening wear

evening Fashion Spring Summer Day Abayas

hijabi evening abaya dress collection