A very talented & award winning celebrity stylist is the Deborah Waknin. She is famous only because of her chic, styli & gorgeous way of styling. She had supplied her services to the American actress & model known as Halle Berry plus the Gloria Estefan who is an American signer. She is done a lot of work with the popular photographers, magazines, & Advertisement brands.

This notable stylist has a profound & deep knowledge on hair, footwear, costumes, jewelry & the overall styles or looks of a model or celebrity. She graduates from the college of LIM (Laboratory Institute of Merchandise). Further, she polished her skills of styling by getting a weighty & keen observation in this profession. In lots of memorable & tremendous events & in award ceremonies she has performing her duty of styling the celebrities in a very well manner. Another important point about this pioneering stylist is that she is mostly includes among the list richest people it is only because her clientele list is consists on only top earning celebrities.

Topic: Stylist
Name: Deborah Waknin
Belongs from: West
Includes among: Top Earning Stylists

Deborah Waknin in White Color Outfit

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