The most demandable and awesome breed {Affenpinscher Germany, France puppy} as pet can become your choice because of his extra dissimilar qualities and nature. In Centre Europe {Germany, France}, they were originated at an ancient toy dog in i7th century, [1600 years ago].  They were also introduced as the nick name of “Affie” because they have monkey resemble that’s why they were given as monkey name, sometimes they were recognized as ‘devil with moustaches’. Anyways, they are a domestic pet owing to their ratter skills. They can catch the mice and rats from your kitchen, stables and laundries. For knowing further about this breed, let’s talk concerning his characters and appearance…..
On his body, ‘Affei’ has wiry coat and little snub nose with two tiny eyes in black color. Usually, his hair coat is harsh and unruffled, but it can become silky and yielding by the brush or combed twice in a week. This breed is present in a lot of colors like fawn, red, black and tan and grey, etc. The prominent part of this pet is chest, face and paws because these three parts present in light color accept whole body color. Typically they are very faithful with his master or owner. In spite of it, they have mischievous nature along with intelligent and energetic characteristics.
As a pet they can be kept indoor houses because they like so much kids company. They can easily take training of every kind. Because of his friendly behavior, ratter skills and terrier temperate, this dog breed is much seemly for house/domestic pet…..

Breed kind: Affenpinscher Germany puppy
Introduced in:  17th century
Color: fawn, red, black and tan and grey,
Body coat: Wiry and long
Main fetcher: Snub nose, tiny eyes, short tail
Character: Much polite and friendly
Chief skill: Ratter [mice catcher]
Used for: As domestic pet

Affenpinscher Germany, France puppy (11)

Affenpinscher Germany, France puppy (12)

Affenpinscher Germany, France puppy (13)