Dogs which are developed in Turkey are known as Turkey Akbash Dogs. These puppies or dogs are mostly found in white color. Peoples who like to keep this animal as pet must read out this page because this informs you about Akbash.

A saying of Mark Twain about dogs is:
The dog is a gentleman
This quote shows the faithfulness of this beautiful pet with human beings. Because of this attribute Akbash breed is also used for the purpose of guardian. Furthermore it is also said about this type that they are usually strong muscles & very powerful so they can easily be used for care of livestock.

In addition these dogs are usually big in size & weight. Their mouth is also huge. Because their body is very large & solid that’s why they are consider very strong. Their ears are in v-shape while their eyes color is black or sometimes it is brown. They have a tail at the back & their legs are long. They can run very fast. They are related with molosser breed of dogs.

If you choose this type of dogs for the purpose of guardian then of course your decision is right because they have a very sharp sense. They also start to bark at the strangers. But when you choose them as a pet animal at your home you should also take care of them a lot. For example Akbash Turkey dogs like a long walk daily. Brushing is requiring during the grooming of this type of dogs. Provide a good place for rest & play. You should also take care of their food requirements.

Topic: Description about Akbash Dogs
Origin: Turkey
Color: White
Physical Condition: Strong & Powerful muscles, Large in size

Akbash Turkey puppy (1)

Akbash Turkey puppy (2)

Akbash Turkey puppy (3)

Akbash Turkey puppy (4)