As you know friends!  To keep cat, puppy or birds in your home as a pet it has been going to part of the convention and trends not in foreigner countries but in Asian countries at high range.
We also know friends that most of the kinds and generations breed of this “puppies” has been discovered; every breed had its own abilities and identities, and appearances to attract their owners, as you also informed that dogs are considered as a gentle animal in western countries and it is also a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness.
That’s why majority peoples akin to keep the puppies in their homes as a pet, today we shall tell you  about the most demanded breed of the puppies that is too much socialistic and serves the human in critical conditions. They are found in mostly “military section’ of the countries. That is “Alano Español”


This breed has known as “Scottish terrier” also. It is invention of the “Scotland” and considered as a pictogram and mark of tradition and culture of this country, the history of this breed is not well predictable. But is saying that it has been started to popular at the duration of the 18th century.


These puppies are short legged and small, that is stresses to exceptional chic, these puppies have very hairy hush and eyebrows, these breaded puppies like to play, work and training in very actively.

Keep as a domestic pet

If you have a puppy of this breed then firstly you should have to arrange to keep in your home in easy and comfort way try to keep puppy in different trainings of the playing activities, and trying to take care about meal and bath time, and call to your puppy with cute and sweet name and prepare a sweet home for puppy in required and yelding materials that would mostly suitable to adjust the puppy in your home really..

Topic: Alano Español puppy
Kind: as “Scottish terrier”
Features: short legged and small with black mouth
Suitable for: domestic pet

Alano Español puppy (10)

Alano Español puppy (11)

Alano Español puppy (12)

Alano Español puppy (13)