Most gorgeous and superb crown is the symbol of the glory of queen. Artistically designed with the colorful leaf and clear beads. Transparent beads are wrapped all over the band with the silver wire showing the marvelous sight can be worn with the green printed dress or any light color dress.
Fabulous crown with the beautiful work on it enhance the grace of the wearer featuring with the round beads and non tarnish silver colored wires. Bicone beads and silver round beads have been encrusted in the wires aggrandized the grandeur of the bridal.  Antique tiara has butterfly design the great art of the designer.

What a lovely design of the head band presenting the graceful look. Quite different from other crown by looking and by designing. Its style is inflated with the blue and orange color floral design. The entire floral design is fasten with the wires which look very nice to look at the sight
Astonishing tiara with mind blowing designing causes the attraction of the people in the weddings. Superb bridal head wearer is the remarkable choice of the latest bridals. Such headpiece beautifies the models on particularly day. It is easy to wear in the hair. The best quality in this band that it does not tangled with the hair.

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