Hey guy! Today our post is about hats and here we share you about hats ideas. As hat is useful essential accessory that can be wear in winter and summer both. In winter it keeps our head and ears safe from winter and cool winds. In summer it protects our eyes and head from UAV rays which is so harmful for us. Warm and cozy fabric hats used in winters.

Light weight fabric hat like cotton, straw, suede fabric hats used in summer. And we know better winter’s season has been going and summer season is arriving very soon. So that we hardly need summer wearing hats. Now we are going to mentioned you summer wearing hat that is “straw hat” which perfect and appropriate for summer season.

Colors of the hats are beige, brown, light yellow. Designs of the hats are quite different from each others and are very asymmetrical. The workers, student, and entertainer’s people must wear straw hats when they go out. So we offer you can choose these straw hats because all are very enthralling.

Assemblage: hats
Fabric: straw pattern
Colors: beige, brown, light yellow
Appropriate for: men and women
Useful for:  summer season

Flare style straw hat for women

1 2014 women wear Straw Hats

Beige color straw hat for men

2 skin color Straw Hats 2014 collection

Straw knitted hat for summer season

3 collection Straw Hats 2014 for girls