“Atika Inu” puppy is a well-reputed breed of the “Japanese” this breed has been invented by Akita Inu Hozankai Society in 1918 in Japan. The breeders try to create this breed at the original copy of the mountain breed which was discovered in 1913, these breeded dogs got too much familiarity and popularity at the world war of 11, when Japanese soldiers returned from these dogs in U.S, now these dogs has been become the American’s most favorite pets and serving the humans in “Military sections” lets discuss about his appearance and nature and history, the history of this famous breeded dog is this first Akita Inu dog met his owner on the train station , dog met his owner daily, when the owner has died, but this breaded dos still go to the station continuously. That’s why it has got too much appreciated owing to his faithfulness and loyalty.

The Akita is a muscular, self-determining and prevailing breed, usually unfriendly with unknown person but demonstrative with family members. “Atikas” should be live to indoor activities. They are extremely defensive and protective. A convinced and dependable impend is compulsory to educate and train an Akita. At last, Akitas can bear lodging life provide they receive satisfactory implement very much..

Material status: Akita Inu puppy
Breed: Akita Inu
Discovered in: 1913,
After the war of: 11
What called in America? “Great Japanese dogs”

Akita Inu puppy (1)

Akita Inu puppy (2)

Akita Inu puppy (3)

Akita Inu puppy (4)

Akita Inu puppy (5)