Excuses me buddy where are you going, I want to ask a question from you, may I ask?
Oh thanks for yes reply. If you have given a lot of dogs as pet than which kind of dog you will like and prefer among others for you as domestic animal? Stop Stop please, you would have to tell honestly. Hurry up that is not complicated question.‘Barbet puppy’ Hmmm really you have a great choice, I appreciate you friend for this answer. Yes readers! ‘Barbet’ is a precious and expensive breed of this world that is going to use as pet not only western but also eastern countries rapidly.

This cute breed was introduced in 1915 and after doing more research and investigation on it, In 1891 it was on the aired by the name of ‘ Barbet’ but firstly it was known as ‘ French water dog’. This name [barbet] shows definitely its long woolly, curly, wavy coated hair that covers whole body of him amazingly. The barbet breed has medium length not too long or short. As far as the color of them is concerned that is usually black, fawn, grey, pale fawn variegated.

Grey and white are extremely rare colors but others colors could be avail in markets. By nature, they are much intellectual, docile, inane and blissful.  They like so much company of family, friends, and kids [in short gathering]. They are fond of waterfowl hunt and this is their favorite game. Daily, you would have to comb and wash them because leave and bushes easily stuck with their curly hairs. The main flank that has more significance, that they have naturally white spots on chest and also have white paws. As a pet, they can be proved loyal and friend animal which is harmless for you and your family….

Topic: Barbet dogs
Introduced in: 1915
Colors: White, grey, fawn and brown
Main fetcher: Obedient, waterfowl hunter, blissful and intelligent
Nature: Polite and full of patience
Appearance:  Medium length with short legs or long ear
Perfect for: Domestic pets

Barbet black puppy

Barbet brown color puppy

Barbet Puppy black color

Barbet puppy collection