Present demand of saving energy:

Undoubtedly saving energy is one of essential need of time. As we know that some developing countries in which Asian countries are top of the list who are suffering from serious energy crisis. Lack of energy is one of basic disaster which is imposed upon people of developing countries of Asia. Shortness of energy is badly effected upon the specific country’s progress. People who use great amount of energy pay a lot for it. Their great part of income goes in the big mouth of energy taxes. Here we are going to share some short but highly effective and great in their usefulness. These tips are authentically excellent for save energy/. By these small tips you can able to save lot of energy to save from energy crisis and from it’s of energy. Let’s briefly talk about these highly effective tips.

(1): use of efficient lights like energy saving instead of bulbs can protect us from lots of consuming of energy. Compact fluorescents are best selection to be saved from heavy energy taxes and consuming great amount of energy.

(2): habitually turn off all the lights of the room when you are going to leave it. This small practice will save lots of energy which you can use for other constructive purposes. At day time, us3e natural sun light most of time for doing your jobs.

(3): use water carefully and turn off tab tightly after using water. Don’t waste water. Use less hot water and also use efficient heat appliances. Try to harvest rain water in you locality. It takes lots of energy to heat water.

(4): replaces your old fridge or freezer if you are paying lots of taxes and have not find sufficiently quick performance. Don’t open the door of fridge and freezers time and aging and also don’t leave them open for long time.

(5): plug off all the switches after using. Most of people pay not attention towards switches and after charging of their cell leave the switch connected with board. It consumes energy with its usual speed.

(6): for washing purposes, use cool waters so that you can reduce water heating costs. And keep the load of energy less while you are washing clothes. You can do it from switch offing of fridge or iron.

(7): shower instead of bath is preferable for save energy. As 5 min shower will use 7.5 gallons of hot water while filling of bathtub can use 20 gallons.

(8): energy consuming hours have big mouth for energy so be aware about that hours and less your energy use as possible as you can during this duration.

(9): turn off your television, computer, fans and stereo can save thousands of kilograms of carbon dioxide in a year.

(10): less drive can also save energy to beneficial level. Switch off your car when you are stop more than for 2 min. you can save 1.5 kg carbon dioxide for every 56 km if you don’t drive. Use cars which are run on clean CNG and LPG

(11): check your tyres before driving. Use of radial tyres will help in save three to seven percent of fuel.

(12): don’t uses tumble dryer if you can dry your clothes on a washing line.

(13): seal air leaks. From insulation coverage of air you can save 10 percent of your annual energy bill. You also have to make window more efficient which ar really a barrier for outside temperature.

(14): dray clothes immediately after one another. It will reduce warm up and drying time. it will also minimize heat loss.

(15): always read instruction on energy guide carefully and don’t forget ask about warranties of deliveries and insulation costs.

tips of Saving Energy in Your Home

tips of Saving Energy in Your Home (1)

tips of Saving Energy in Your Home (2)