Well a wedding is full of colorful and joyous moments that everyone wants to keep save in the eye of camera so that these moments can be in the memories forever. As the wedding day is the momentous day for both bride and groom so in every region the photography trend is very popular, similarly Pakistani weddings also have the traditional colors. Pakistani bride and grooms also maintain a photography session by posing amazingly. These days this trend is at its peak. Now different and beautiful locations are selected and wedding photographers make the bride groom photo shot phenomenal.

Different and unique photography always attracts the couple so moving before to that very day first getting of different poses ideas would be great. Now days different funky poses are becoming popular and every bride and groom opt for that funky photography. Now days the photo shot in different historical places are also a trend that adds a royal touch in wedding photography. Mehandi poses on different embellished vehicles also looks amazing and give the couple a margin to have most appealing photo shot.

Stickers and banners with interesting quotes about wedding are the main focus and you will see that different celebrities are also making their weddings more interesting by having wonderful photography poses. To make your wedding photo shot unique, you must contact a professional photographer who is well up to date about the latest trends of photography but my ideas are also head turning that can make any wedding photo shot one of its kind. Before having photography anywhere you must check out the all appropriate features that help in taking best pictures in which light, atmosphere and background are must-have.

1.    Groom and groom men are getting towards bride, a good pose to make photo interesting

1. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

2.    A beautiful shot of bride and groom captured from mirror

2. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

3.    Sanam Jung wedding photo with Instagram post banner

3. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

4.    Charming blur photo of Walima bride and groom taken from above

4. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

5.    Funky wedding photography idea with huge size goggles

5. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

6.    Groom having a kiss of bridal hand

6. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

7.    Romantic Pakistani charming couple photography idea

7. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

8.    Groom lifting up the bridal with a very beautiful smile

8. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

9.    Mehandi bride and groom on an embellished cycle with great pose

9. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

10.    Pakistani couple making the LOVE alphabets with their fingers

10. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

11.    Groom is presenting a well bloomed rose flower to gorgeous bride

11. Pakistani wedding photography ideas

12.    A natural photo shot pose of Dua Malik and her husband

12.  Pakistani wedding photography ideas