When it comes to buy a right pair of sunglasses a girl would think of her face shape first and then decide what the types of different sunglasses are that suits best to your face shape. Consider out the importance of having best fashion sunglasses because your style make you prominent and nowadays this fashion accessory has become the main part of keeping up unique style statement. You will see the street style is incomplete without wearing the lush sunglasses. At first the sunglasses were used for eye care to protect the eyes from harmful rays of sun but now it has become trendy eye wear in fashion circle.
You can get inspiration from different celebrities who always wear chic goggles to have fantastic style but their choice is according to their face shapes. Determine your face size first and then come to face shape, this will further tell you about your right need of sunglasses. To shop for the best, observe which are the different sunglasses that suit to your face but don’t compromise with the quality of sunglasses as the lenses must be of high quality, after all its your eyes matter the most sensitive part of human body.
We have categorized the 6 main face shapes and the right match of sunglasses for them to guide you for discovering out your good one. Let’s come to guide you and give you sufficient information that what are the accurate sizes and styles that is suitable for your face.

Round face women:

sunglasses for round face

Round face women should go with the sunglasses that may elongate their features in the precise way. Try to wear plus size, butterfly and wayfarer but don’t go with round sunglasses because they further make you’re your face with detailed round shape. Plus size sunglasses correctly cover up the roundness of face and make the face look shorter than its width that’s why those sunglasses that elongate your face is subtly true.

5 raound shap

Oval shaped women:

sunglasses for oval face

This shape is considered the best of all as every sunglass flatter their face features. Aviator, round, shield, square and plus size sunglasses cab tried by oval shaped ladies. Don’t forget to maintain chic style that further rank you in highly fashionable ladies wearing best suited and stylish goggles no matter where you are going, this can try anywhere mostly going out.

4 oval shap

Square face ladies:

sunglasses for square face

Square face is examined with wideness of forehead and the jaw line along that’s why this shape requires such sunglasses that may decrease their square level. Plus size, round and cat eye can help this shape lady to compliment the style and also suitable one that really make your jaw line and cheekbones flattering. Avoid square and wayfarer that may promote your square shape.

6 square shap

Heart shaped girls:

sunglasses for heart face

Wide forehead and cheekbones with slim jaw line and narrow chin correctly describe the heart shape girls. Round, cat eye, wayfarer and even plus size sunglasses can be tried by this shape ladies but don’t go with the wide angle sunglasses that may give more width to your wide forehead but choose the one which uphold the features in a chic way.

2 Heart shap

Sunglasses for Diamond face shape:

sunglasses for diamond face

Diamond face shape is also called triangle face with wide forehead and flattering jaw line. These shape ladies must go with rimless and oval shaped sunglasses to support the cheekbones and chin. Wayfarer are for these girls to have fancy rims too but try to avoid those sunglasses that may be an addition on the forehead to make it wider.


Long face sunglasses:

sunglasses for long face


This face shape is close to oval but surely there is a difference at cheekbones as this face is longer but round from forehead and chin. To lessen the length this face girls must seek for plus size, round, aviator and square sunglasses. But one extra tip for the long face girl is that they can make their hairstyle with bangs that may decrease the length of face.


3 long shap