Leather Belts:

A belt is usually a piece of cloth which is won around the waist for supporting pants or trousers. Men & women both can use this accessory. Belts can be designed by taking inspiration from various animals, flowers, vintage items, & lots of items which exist into our surroundings. Mostly leather stuff is considered perfect for manufacturing a belt. It is reliable as well as affordable. Belt is also a very important part of the uniform of police, military officers etc. On this page you can explore a wide variety of very gorgeous leather belts. These belts are designed by taking inspiration from braids.

Grey Braided Belt:

1 Vintage Braided Leather Belt for boys

Take a look at this grey color belt which made by using first class leather stuff. A silver color simple buckle closure is looking really very nice. This belt can be used for lots of purposes such as for supporting pant or as a fashionable accessory by every age of men & boy.

Brown Leather Belt:

2 Vintage Braided Leather Belt for boys (5)

This dark brown color belt is braided very beautifully & looking very stunning. If you look deeply then you will observe that little round matching studs are also used. This belt can be used with any color of pant or trouser. We can also call it a unisex design I mean along with men, women can also use it.

Vintage Belt:

3 Vintage Braided Leather Belt for boys (3)

This braided belt is designed very traditionally & the golden color antique style buckle is giving a vintage look to this belt. The usage of blue, brown & skin color leather straps for creating this braided pattern is really a very unique idea. Now you can use this belt with a number of colors of pants.

Men’s Belt:

4 Vintage Braided Leather Belt for boys (2)

Take a look at another very fabulous piece of braided leather belt for men. This belt is created by using light green & beige color leather straps. It has a brown color metallic buckle closure.

Classic Braided Belts:

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