2016 Most Versatile Ways to Wear Woman’s Scarf:

I know that even in 2016, girls are still following the old trend of wearing scarf on head but I am quite fed up from this old way of wearing scarf. Have you also? I think it’s a great time to bring a broad change into your odd & boring style. It’s the right time to think in a quite creative & amazing way. Don’t worry I am here to assist you. So, are you ready for exploring the 2016 most versatile & funky ways of wearing scarf? Here, on this blog, some very chic ideas are waiting for you. I choose each style by keeping every fashion loving girl’s requirements into my mind. I am sure that after watching each style you will fall in love with every idea. You can make the each day, out of seven days of a week, very new, fresher & spectacular for you (as well as for others) by following a unique style of wearing a scarf. Here I include total top 10 different ideas. We also know that the autumn winter is going to end soon. The breezy spring summer season is waiting for you. So, get a chic look in summer by wearing scarf in a stylish way. Your wait ends here, let’s explore the ideas!

Bind Your Scarf with Your Handbag:

bind scarf with your handbag strap (1)

Get a rocking looking into the street by bring your scarf down from your head towards your hand or shoulder bag. As we know shoulder bag is a must have accessory for every women. So, why don’t you think to style your bag with a scarf in this season? Yes, bind the scarf with your hand/shoulder bag strap. Believe me when you will walk into a street by following this style then everyone will surely turn head & will look towards you because this style makes you quite individual into the crowd & add an instant confident look into your personality.

Casual Ways of Wearing Scarf:

casual ways of wearing a long scarves (1)

Just try to wrap the scarf around your neckline as shown above into the left & right side of the picture. When you are in hurry & there is no extra time for wearing scarf in a complex stylish way then these instantly easy ways can help you a lot to add elegance into your personality only in some seconds.

Wear Scarf on Head but in a Funky Way:

ways of wearing scarf on head (1)
Still you want to wear scarf on head? No problem, wear scarf on you head because you love to cover your head but wait a minute! Don’t wear in typical style, just be confident & try these funky ideas shown above into the picture. You can wear scarf on head in updo style or in a vintage knotted style. What’s your opinion about these two ultra modish ways? Do you love these?

Bandana Style Scarf Fashion with Different Hairstyles:

wear bandana style scarf with your chic hairstyles (1)

Now days, the bandana style scarves are in fashion. These scarves can be used for adding a quick stylishness into different hairstyles. For example you can bind a bandana scarf like a hair band on your head with ponytail hair or with updo hairstyle. You can also use bandana with curly open hairs, side swept hairs, side b raid hairstyles as well as with short or long hairs.

Wear Scarf around Neckline:

wear scarf around neck (1)
Follow a 70’s or 90’s inspired idea & knot a bandana scarf around your neckline as shown above into the picture. It can make you to look very classic or you can also follow the other style by using a large size scarf.

Wear Scarf around Hipline/Waistline:

wear scarf around waistline  (1)

Try to bind a scarf around your hipline like a skirt as shown above into the picture. If you are getting ready for a beach party or a get to gather with friends then this style can add an instant funky factor into your simple & boring look. I personally love this one.

Infinity Style Scarf:

wear scarf in infinity style (1)
Weather there is winter or summer, day time or night time, it never matters because infinity style scarves are always in fashion. You can wear it in two different styles. One is a short infinity style that is near your neck while other is a long infinity style in which your scarf usually hangs down as shown above into the picture.

Wear Scarf in Triangular Style:

wear scarf in triangular style (1)

In this style you need to fold your square scarf in a triangular shape & then try to keep the center corner of the scarf on the front side while tie a knot at back near your nape area by using the left & right corner of the triangular & get a bold & gangster style look.

Bind Scarf on your Wrist:

wear scarf in your wrist (1)
Another way is that you can bind your smaller size printed or plain scarf either on left wrist or on right wrist. It can also give you a very bold look.

Tuck Your Scarf into your Waist belt:

wear scarf with belt (1)

Tuck your scarf into your waist belt. If you are wearing a dress that have a waist belt then it is the best idea of wearing scarf with such belted dresses.
I hope you love all these new & creative ways of wearing scarf. Try all these & of course best of luck to you!