Wedding Face Veils:

Veil is a piece of cloth that usually covers your face & head. It may be long, short or medium in size; it is used only by ladies. Muslim ladies used it when they want to go outside while some eastern ladies use it on their wedding day for the purpose of adding sacred & holy impact into their personality. It signifies for honor, holiness & modesty.

Here, we are going to share the wedding face veils collection for brides. These face veils are usually manufactured by using net & thin stuff. Mostly brides wear white gown on their wedding day that’s why I mostly include white wedding veils. You can only find short size veils here. Hopefully you will like this collection. Take a look!

Half Face Cage Veil:

1 Wedding Face Veil Bridal collection

Check out this veil! It is called cage veil because cage design net stuff is used into its manufacturing, it only covers the half face of the bride that’s why it is known as half face veil.

Lace Appliqué Veil:

2 Wedding Face Veil Bridal collection (1)

Have a look at this simple net stuff shoulder length veil that fully covers the face & some part of shoulders. The white lace appliqués edges of the veil are looking very impressive & adding the element of fanciness.

Elbow Length Veil:

3 Wedding Face Veil Bridal collection (6)

Think about an elbow length wedding veil for adding refined & graceful impact into your personality! The exquisite detailing on the edges is looking impressive.

Full Face Veil:

4 Wedding Face Veil Bridal collection (7)

This is neither an elbow length nor a shoulder length veil. It is a veil that covers the face of a bridal completely that’s why it is called full face bridal veil. Its edges are adorned with beads!

Oversized Face Veil:

5 Wedding Face Veil Bridal collection (8)

This is an oversized face veil. It looks unique & creative when worn by a bridal on her wedding day! Is it or not?

Fashionable Veil:

6 Wedding Face Veil Bridal collection (11)

This veil is a fashionable veil because it acts not only as veil but also a headpiece because the floral design top part is looking just awesome!

Bridal Veils:

Bridal veils are actually look very sophisticated on the big day of life. Veils play a vital role in order to accentuate your hairstyle such as an updo, curly hairs or braided hairstyle. Discover some more face veils by looking towards following images!