It is a very fashionable design with glittery work.It is finished with beautiful steel frame. It is designed with beautiful clasp. it can be carry in the stylish evening parties. Its holder is mind blowing. the bag gives a shining look due the stunning material.

It is beautifully embellished with the shimmering stones. It is suitable in the night function. It twinkles like a star. It is specially design for the latest fashionable woman. Its front half side is full of heavy material.

It has a remarkable design with a shining color. its beautiful designing attract the client. It has been ready with crystal durable leather. It is round from the corner. it has a small compartments inside the bag.

It is studded with the white diamond like stones. Its front side looks gorgeous. It is finished with the steel frame which make the purse most beautiful. It is embellish in the form of rows.

butterfly style clutch

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